Tuesday, February 28, 2012


robbie loves to have sleepovers.
that's what he calls them.
this is how they work:
first the little man goes to bed, night night.
then, robbie lays out the big fluffy sleeping bag {which is meant for camping but mostly never goes camping and mostly ends up on our family room floor for movie nights and sleepovers and despite its hideous-ness it's so comfy i can't resist}
he covers it will pillows and other such fluffy, snuggly things.

then max gets comfy too.
then we get all cuddled up and covered with blankets and chat for a bit til we get kinda sleepy, then we turn on a really good movie and sometimes we have popcorn.

then when our little eyelids are too heavy to hold up, we go tuck ourselves into our very own bed to fall fast asleep. 
and that's how they work.
and they're kind of heaven.
the end.

Monday, February 27, 2012


come back friday.
you were a magically spring-like day with your sunny blue sky and you left me itching for more.
more sun. more spring. more.
this is how charlie and i pretend like spring is already here:

we plant ourselves right in front of the big windows and lay in the sun and read books and tell funny stories. well mostly i tell funny stories while charlie runs around and throws himself down on the pillows and laughs and laughs and i pretend he's laughing at my incredible wit.

the sun also inspires us to steal the dad away from work and make him come to lunch with us because the day is too lovely not to share it with him:

 this is the kind of stuff the dad orders for the little man.

this is the kind of stuff i order for him, i wonder why he likes the dad best.
and he does like the dad best, boy does he... 

thank you friday. you were good to us. now if you could please tell the spring to hurry up and get here we would sure appreciate it.

Friday, February 24, 2012


i came home from a dr.'s appointment this morning to find this little scene:

this is just what grandma's are for. loves and snuggles and pillow huts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sorry tee

skype isn't cutting it.
i need you to pack your bags and pack those babes and move right here.
thank you.
{and D can come too}

express yourself

Sunday, February 19, 2012


the other day nana, charlie and i had to run a couple errands which included a quick stop at brooke's. 
so we decided to let jake take a minute and give charlie his first lesson on how to jump on the tramp:

nana helped:

jake's also been working on teaching charlie how to wrestle, or maybe its just tackle, or maybe it's defend himself, we're not sure yet...

thanks for the lessons jake. loves.

Friday, February 17, 2012

funny valentine

valentine's day.
original plan: stay home. play with charlie. eat delicious take out. watch a movie.
robbie's new plan (developed valentines evening): make reservations at restaurant. call mom to babysit. surprise liz with romantic night out.

this is what happened:
5:00 pm - robbie calls mom to babysit. she can. check.
5:10 pm - robbie calls first favorite restaurant. booked. 
robbie calls second favorite restaurant. booked.
robbie continues to call all favorite restaurants. all booked. all laughing at the mere suggestion of making a reservation for that night.
5:45 pm - robbie texts friends for ideas of where to go - receives return texts with procrastination jokes, and "poor liz"'s
6:00 pm - robbie calls 'the boulevard', successfully makes reservation for 6:15. check.
6:05 pm - robbie comes home, surprises liz with new plan. check.

at 6:20 we walked into what is now called 'sunset boulevard cafe' and is no longer 'the boulevard' where we happen to dine once several years ago and it was romantic and lovely and delicious.
it looks like this. and by the way this is how busy it was when we walked in and announced we had dinner reservations for 6:15. our reservations were also for a table next to the fireplace. which is where they put us. there was however, no fire.
us enjoying dinner:

i have to say though, in all honesty, this was one of my most memorable valentines.  the whole plan and thought and situation were so sweet and funny and quirky and we laughed our heads of the whole time. the kind of laughing where you're crying and i loved it. we even made it home in time to play with our little bug before bedtime.
it was a good day. it was a good plan. it was a really good time.
we won't however, be returning to the 'sunset boulevard cafe'. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

this kid doesn't like food

he just couldn't be less interested in eating,
so, sometimes i take desperate measures.
i let him feed himself,
not a tidy sight...

but what do ya do?
how does anyone not like food? how?
i love food. i live for good food. doesn't everyone?
i don't get it, i just don't get it.