Friday, March 30, 2012

daddy's boy

this kid looks like a johnson, but he's %100 radcliffe.
this is his heaven.
and his dad is so proud.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

laura was here.

last weekend laura and trey came to visit.
we went to brunch and the park and dinner and a museum and other fun things
and it just wasn't enough time.
they love each other.

one of the best things about laura coming to town: we get to see amy and kerri!

outside the natural history museum.
gorgeous space. we're big fans.

we miss you already laura {and you too trey}
come back. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

wheeler farm

it's warm. it's sunny. it's officially spring.
obviously, an afternoon at wheeler farm is in order.
we took the little bff's to eat and play and see the animals.

jake and kieger.

charlie likes to wear his snow boots. just in case...
{credit for this ensemble goes to nana.}

knox and charlie.

the boys. just strollin' around like they owned the joint.
cutest little men on the planet.
can't wait for more outings in the sun. big hooray for spring!

Monday, March 19, 2012

we like pizza.

sunday nights have become pizza nights over here.
robbie has a new found love of finding special sauces and toppings and making them.
charlie and i have a new found love of eating them.
seriously, he has some crazy talent.
best. pizza. ever.
the little man doesn't let the dad do anything without him.

the focus.

such a helpful little buddy.

mmmmm. this pizza is magic i tell you. magic.

Friday, March 16, 2012

while away...

robbie sent me little glimpses of what my boys were doing back home without me:

made it a little easier to leave a weekend in heaven.
missed this little man!
and the man behind the camera!
love my boys. LOVE them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sunny scottsdale

last night we got back from our momma's weekend away in arizona.
it was just dreamy and lovely and perfect.
we shopped and ate and slept and talked and snacked and walked and ran and rode
and sunned and yoga-ed and brunched and relaxed 
and loved up every second.


made a quick stop at this charming grocery store to stock up for the weekend.

spent SO much time in the sunshine.
yep it's true, this girl is with child.
i mean, seriously.

oh the food and the restaurants and the snacks and the perfection that is dawnie's guacamole and salsa.

yoga in the desert.

a little matinee at the most amazing movie theater in the world. big, reclining chairs complete with blanket and pillow and it's own little table to hold the delicious food we ordered on the way in.
and the movie was good too.

 these momma's are masters.

sunsets and late nights laughing our bums off

and then we packed it all up and came home.

officially recharged.