Sunday, July 15, 2012

and now he's 2.

so we had a little birthday party in midway.
he was super excited. 

i whipped up this little fudge mint cake from scratch. no big deal.
{that might not be entirely true. i mean i live right by a schmidt's bakery
and they make good cakes, so why try.}

cutest little monkeys in the world.

yep, he got a rifle.
i'm pretty sure i'm already losing the 'charlie's not gonna be a hunter too' battle.
but truthfully, i'm not fighting very hard.
i think it's inevitable.
this kid is his dad's son!

side note: i was so obsessed with taking pictures of charlie and the twins that i didn't get any pictures of grandma, papa, nana, grandpa, aunt tee, aunt nat, or ben kronk.
but they were all there and all the reasons the party was so much fun.
so thank you for being there guys, next time you have a birthday party, you can not take pictures of me, then we'll be even.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

charlie's first trip to powell...

... and he LOVED it.
must be genetic.