Tuesday, June 26, 2012


last friday was mike's birthday,
so we headed to vegas for a weekend trip to celebrate.
here's the mini album of random pics documenting the event,
 {photos via everyone's phones. thank you everyone's phones.}

viva las vegas.
someone please have a birthday again soon.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

for father's day

charlie and i planned a scavenger hunt for daddy.
it took us to some of our favorite places to play
and ended us at 'eggs in the city' where
we met papa and grandma and uncle andrew for brunch.

it was a perfect day with daddy.
the only thing missing was time with my own dad.
how lucky am i to be surrounded by the best dad's around?
the most attentive and devoted dad i could have ever hoped for for my little guy
 the most adoring father-in-law who makes me feel appreciated and special 
and the most loving dad who's always been one of my most favorite people in the world and who's always made me feel safe and loved, unconditionally.
i love you all.
and so does the little man.
you're the best in the world, we both agree.

Monday, June 18, 2012

4 years ago

i got really lucky.
somehow i convinced this guy to marry me.

happy anniversary lover.
thank you for giving me my favorite 4 years of my life so far...

nana and grandpa were sweet enough to take the little guy to midway for a sleepover.
so we could go out and about.

{i mean just look at that face. and he's mine. all mine!}
it was lovely.
i wish it was our anniversary every day.

Friday, June 8, 2012

last week...

robbie was here:
in hanu, hawaii
for his triathlon training camp and a 70.3 iron man

in his element.

you can't really see him but that's lance armstrong in the tent
he just won the race

my man placed 4th in his age division, placing him on the podium
and qualifying him for the 70.3 world championship.
he's amazing.
and so is his outfit {clearly i wasn't there}
love you baby.

i was here:
in NYC,
i went to visit my friends and my city.
this is the street i used to live on. 

best falafel in the city. and the world.
we ate SO much delicious food

up on the rooftop by the pool
brooklyn flea market

you're turn to come visit laura

and charlie was here:
at nana and grandpa's.

and grandma and papa's. 

{thank you nana and grandpa johnson and grandma and papa radcliffe
for spoiling our little guy and easing the guilt of leaving him}

now we're all home.
doing lots of this:
daddy crawled in for cuddles after he took the pic.
we all had an amazing time on our own adventures,
but we're SO happy to be home. 

there's no place like home.
yep i said it. 
cause it's true.