Friday, April 27, 2012


robbie did 'rage in the sage' last saturday.
his first race of the season.
so we spent an extended weekend in henderson with grandma and papa radcliffe
and uncle mikey.
and it was so much fun that there might have been tears when we all left...
zane was sweet enough to let charlie and me hitch a ride down in his plane.

AND he even let me fly! yep. that's right, i'm a pilot now. i fly planes.

race day.

that's my man!

and that's my little man.

charlie helping dad refuel after the race.

this sexy thing took 2nd place in his age division.
good job baby. so proud.

and so did this sweetie!
yay mikey. congrats.

here they are: robbie, zane, and mikey.
the superstars.

the next few days we did some of this...

some of this...
{don't hate me for posting this pic grandma judy. i had to. i love it too much.}

and a lot of this.

water guns. is there anything better?
these three dudes would say no.


my two little fish.
thanks again for such a fantastic time grandma and papa.
so next weekend, should we do it again?

Friday, April 13, 2012

ben and jen and the kiddos came

but not for long enough...

there was a spilling incident. hence the outfit.

cousin love.

at the natural history museum.

shootin' some hoops.

cousins need to live by each other. 
ben and jen, move here please.
thank you.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

don't mess with me

cause i'm a tough guy.

Monday, April 9, 2012

easter weekend

just a lovely weekend full of easter egg hunts and sugar.
we had a friday night sleepover in midway with nana and grandpa kent and went to the heber park easter egg hunt on saturday morning.

all ready to start...

grandpa kent and robbie are strategizing here.
coming up with the best plan of attack for the little man to get more eggs than
all the other kids.
just teaching charlie the importance of competitiveness and winning at an early age.
if you're not first, you're last charlie.

charlie and his team starting the hunt.

sunday morning we had an easter egg hunt at home just
to start the day with a sugar high.
then sunday afternoon we headed over to grandma
and papa radciffe's for easter egg hunt #3

i ADORE this picture.
these two boys are the absolute light
of my life.
i've always been a holiday lover. i'm a sucker for all of them,
but there's something that makes them even more magical with a little peanut.
{and 4 grandparents that make everything extra special}