Wednesday, October 31, 2012

swiss days...

one of my favorite things to do in midway
at the beginning of every september.
our main man took his dad dove hunting for the weekend
so the little man and i headed up.

what would we do without nana and grandpa and midway?
3 of our favorite things.

Monday, October 29, 2012


on september 9th the iron man 70.3 world championship was held in henderson.
robbie qualified earlier in the year
and so did our iron men friends jeff and zane and ken.
so we all cruised on down and spent a {super hot} weekend at the henderson house.

my little pilot in training.

charlie and sammy {the pseudo big brother}

crowie. he's kind of a big deal in the tri world.
{5 time world champion} 

team ogio. 

bucky and bobby. iron man bff's forever.

post race mexican meal. papa told them it was the little guy's birthday
now every time dessert comes after dinner charlie thinks it's his birthday.
we love dessert = charlie has lots of birthdays.

it's was a very busy, very fun, very hot weekend.
this about sums it up.

side note: there are no pictures of the boys finishing the race nor of us being at the race due to the fact that i spent the last part of the race lying on my back with a stranger holding up my feet, another stranger holding my head, icing my shoulders, 75 additional strangers hovering over me with expressions of deep concern, and a crying charlie sitting next to me as i came to from passing out. there's maybe nothing more embarrassing than passing out from standing in the extreme heat while right next to you 1700 athletes are pushing the limits of physical endurance for more than 5 hours straight in the extreme heat. not my best moment. but my lover on the other hand was amazing and super fast as usual and even in the heat and my little man was a champ.
these boys of mine... they're good ones!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

oh seattle.

a month ago the sisters took a little trip to seattle.
we went to help nat check it all out and now she calls it home.
{which makes me very happy cause that means lots more trips to visit}

it turns out i'm crazy about seattle and i'm ready to go back for visit #1 
{of many many visits}

Monday, October 22, 2012

summer recap part three

 a few more little summer favorites:

a day in park city.

headed to the slide.

a day at the zoo.

the valais summer party.

he loved it.
and that's a wrap on summer 2012.
i wish there was a rewind button, 
i want to do it all again.

summer recap part two

 most of our summer was spent in midway this year.
tee was in town for two months with the twins and we got dee for a minute too,
nat was in town while deciding where to live next,
ben, jen and kids came for a little visit,

and it all went by too fast.

nana, papa and all the cousins.
ready for a day in the mountains.


the first four.

the original clan.

sleepy little hiker.

celebrating the 3 july birthday boys before ben and crew had to leave.

we did a lot of cruising.

a lot of snow cone eating.

a lot of playing.

a lot of trouble making.

and a little bowling.


3 little munchkins sitting in a tub.