Wednesday, August 29, 2012

who knew..

louisville, kentucky is cool.
like a 1920's southern glamour kind of cool.
being there felt kinda like going back in time. i kept picturing myself wearing big hats and fancy dresses at the kentucky derby and going to dinner and dancing at the brown hotel and baseball games at slugger field.
and i liked it all. a lot.

and in real life, rob did the louisville ironman and finished 10th in his age division.
{and he even got a flat tire on the ride}
that man of mine is one exceptional athlete!
and my favorite travel buddy.
the ohio river, the morning of the race.

my ironman.

the first and only in the world,
underground zipline and challenge bridge course. 

churchill downs, home of the kentucky derby.

bardstown and baxter. my favorite area of the city.

cave hill cemetery

the muhammad ali center

thanks for showing us such a good time louisville.
and just so you know, we'll be back.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

we hunt.

well, they hunt.
actually the big one is a hunter, the little one is just a hunter in the making
and i just have to pretend not to hate it so i don't get left behind.
last weekend was the bow opener. or deer opener. or some kind of opener for hunting something. 
and so we went. 
hunting boots- check. binky- check. helmet- check. safety first!

love these faces.

heaven for these two.

his first bow.

yep, i have one too.
so i can pretend to fit in.

just wearing our hunting shoes.
{one of these things is not like the others}

hunting is exhausting.
truth be told, i do hate hunting. but i love camping and i love to be with my boys and i love a weekend full of watching their blissfully happy faces.
so i guess kind of, a little tiny bit, maybe i do like hunting.